MBPAPA 2021 Paintouts

Upcoming Paintouts

MBPAPA Paintout schedule (we will observe social distancing and wear masks)

April 8 Thursday 9 am North of Asilomar Beach along Sunset Dr. (Note this is a Thursday)

April 14 Wednesday 9 am South Carmel Beach Corner of Scenic and St Lucia

April 22 Thursday 9 am Pleasure Point Capitola - on E Cliff Dr along the railing overlooking surfers and coast

April 29 Thursday 9 am Fort Ord Nat'l Monument - parking lot at Hiway 68 and Toro Creek Rd (Thursday)

May 5 Wednesday 9 am Garappata Overlook, along Hiway 1

May 12 Wednesday 9 am Carmel State Beach off of Scenic Dr, be early it's a small parking lot

May 19 Wednesday 9 am Rio Del Mar State Beach- parking lot at end of Rio Del Mar Blvd

May 27 Thursday 9 am Carmel Mission - Lasuen and Rio Rd.

Other future locations where we can be cautiously safe may be: Monastery Beach behind the old school along Ribera trail, Garrapata, Lovers Point and Lovers Cove Pac Grove, Moss Landing, Asilomar Beach, Point Pinos and Crespi pond, Fort Ord Dunes State Park.