2016 Natividad Winners

The winners of the Natividad Show, "A Healing Feast for the Soul"

(above) First Place Julia Seelos for "Brand New Roof"

(above) Second Place Carole Belliveau for "Abandoned"

(above) Third Place, Coraly Hanson for "Point Lobos Glory"

Honorable Mention

(above) Christine Crozier for "Reef Catch"

(above) Cindy Wilbur for "Homeward Bound"

(above) Murray Wagnon for "Cypress Point, Pt. Lobos"

(above) Michelle Murphy Ferguson for "Rocky Point Overlook"

(above) Peter Holmsky for "Therapy"

(above) Marlene Maier for "Asolimar Morning"

Sponsor Award Paola Berthoin for "Home of the Red-Shouldered Hawk"

Peoples Choice Award

(above) Peter Holmsky for "Afternoon Walk"

(above) Marie Massey for "Loving Memories"