Artist Profile: Guna Hebbar    

Art, especially drawing and painting, has always been part of my life. I have always had a passion for drawing and painting and started taking private drawing and painting lessons from some of the accomplished artists at a very young age growing up in India. I continued to learn and experiment with different techniques in several media such as charcoal, water color, oil pastel and exhibited my paintings. My earlier paintings were inspired by mainly about India, Indian culture, people, landscape, Gods, Gurus, temples, and mandalas etc. When I came to the USA almost 30 years ago, I finished my master’s degree and started my career in nutrition and food chemistry related field. Although I have not been painting regularly due to my busy career, I always tried to give my artistic touch at whatever I have been doing whether it is scientific illustration for reports, or graphic design or desktop publishing for business communications. As a long time resident of Monterey Peninsula gives me lot of inspiration to do Plein air painting which is also feels like connecting with nature to appreciate and capture its beauty! My art is also influenced by my varied background in botany, nutrition, yoga, flower arrangement and also my culture.