MBPAPA Executive Chair Job Descriptions

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS: Board members are elected by board members from board members at the first board meeting following the annual meeting and attempt to attend all board meetings.

President (Murray Wagnon)
  • Provides for maintenance and integrity of the mission and goals of organization
  • Directs the implementation of programs with the assistance of members
  • Authorizes expenses with the assistance of Executive Board members and upon advice of the Treasurer
  • Facilitates and presides over Board Meetings
  • Represents MBPAPA at public events and meetings required for the purpose of the organizations Mission Goals.
Vice President (Sibyl Johnson)
  • Mentee of the President to take on these responsibilities in the future
  • Assists the president as needed
  • Represents the president when required
  • Assists and supports all Board Chairs
Past President
  • Serves as an administrative advisor for the purpose of maintenance of organizational continuity and transition for new board
Treasurer (Lilli-anne Price)
  • Prepares and submits annual governmental filings
  • Gathers and retains member's personal contact information, legal and financial records
  • Manages all monetary transactions
  • Provides recommendations to the board in financial matters
  • Provides annual reports to members
Secretary (Peter Holmsky)
  • Attends, records, distributes and archives minutes of all formal organizational meetings first to the Board for approval, then within 10 days to Membership.
  • Archives minutes of all formal organizational meetings.
  • Attends all Board Meetings or recruits a substitute.


Board Members are elected by the entire membership at annual meetings, and/or appointed Chairs automatically become board members. Board Members attempt to attend all Board Meetings.

Membership Chairperson (Donna Robbins)

  • Receives and retains applications.
  • Welcomes new members via "welcome email."
  • Regularly checks mailbox and forwards needed mail.
  • Deposits membership checks.
  • Maintains official membership list and distributes as needed. (This information is confidential and is for the convenience of promoting communication among MBPAPA members and should not be abused.)
  • Assists members with requests or problems concerning membership.

Google Group Administrator (non-board member)

  • Maintain active member's participation in our Google Group(s)

Greeter (Non-board position)

  • Greet and make new members feel welcome.
  • Provide name badges and name badge holders
  • Submit receipts to Treasurer for reimbursements
  • Assist with new member bios and Newsletter intros

Recruiter (non-board position)

  • Locate and recruit new patrons and sponsors
  • Encourage existing and new patrons to donate to the organization
  • Encourage existing and new sponsors to provide members with product discounts

Newsletter Coordinator (Julia Seelos)

  • Design and Publish a four-page Acrobat pdf file periodically (currently every 3 months)
  • Email to all members and make available for the public via our website. Newsletter to cover the following information:
    • MBPAPA events
    • MBPAPA Exhibits and Receptions (including awards)
    • MBPAPA Paint-out schedule, Demonstrations and Workshops
    • Members non-MBPAPA awards, events & exhibits
    • Members non-MBPAPA events, exhibits, etc.
    • MBPAPA exhibit opportunities
    • Museum and Gallery Landscape Exhibits
    • Calls to artists
    • Generates promotional post cards for shows
    • Reporters & Copywriters (support Newsletter coordinator)
    • Provide articles, press releases, write ups and photos about MBPAPA events, including exhibits, paint-outs, and potlucks and etc.
    • Find and provide existing articles regarding museum & gallery shows and calls-for-entries from other art organizations.

Webmaster Chairperson (Marte Thompson)

  • Keep renewing hosting service and Domain name current so site remains online.
  • Update webpages with current MBPAPA info as needed.
  • Archive all newsletters to site.
  • Post Artist Calls, Flyers,Meeting Notices, Reception Notices.
  • Downscale art images to standard sizes for fast loading.
  • Keep Artist Member page up to date with current membership. Delete non-renewing members at end of March each year.
  • Whenever possible post images of exhibited art on web page dedicated to that exhibit to include thumbnail image, artists name, hyperlink for artists email, size medium, title, and depending on venue, price.
  • Add PaintOut locations and directions regularly.
  • Add Press release links.
  • Update membership application and page as needed.
  • Enhance site with items related to the basic mission. (This does not include promos for workshops, member artists exhibits, etc. That is why we have a link to each artist's website.)
  • Redesign site every few years if the existing design shows problems or looks too dated.

Notes: The hosting service is godaddy. Hopefully they are sending an annual bill to the Treasurer and it gets paid. If not, then the site goes down if I don't check it now and then. As for the domain registration, we are registered through 10-2018, so there is not anything to do there for a few years. Details below.
Domain Name: MBPAPA.ORG
Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
Updated Date: 2009-12-19 16:47:47
Creation Date: 2005-10-26 13:05:18
Registrar Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 13:05:18
Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC

Paint-out Chairperson (Guna Hubbar)

  • Selects suitable paint-out locations for hosting a large group of painters with adequate restroom facilities and adequate parking.
  • Permission arrangements from owners/overseers as needed BEFORE paint-out.
  • Posts scheduled paint-outs via email and MBPAPA Facebook page in a timely manner.
  • Schedules paint-outs once per month for 2 days, usually a Saturday at 9 AM and following Monday at 1 PM.
  • Provides a link to a map or provides written directions.
  • Selects a rally location before paint-out and a meeting place for lunch after paint-out.
  • Gathers suggestions and help from paint-out assistants & members.

Exhibits Chairperson (Kati D'Amore)

  • Coordinates and delegates all exhibit related activities.
  • Books venues
  • Selects and books jurors for juried shows
  • Arranges for a call-to-artists to submit entries for each show
  • Arranges awards for the show
  • Coordinates intake day activities
  • Notify participating members of jury results
  • Prepare press releases for Information Coordinator to publish demonstrations in local media (or do this if no PR Chair available)

Venue Site Assistant

  • Investigate venues
  • Negotiate arrangements with gallery
  • Maintains communication with host venue
  • Keeps documentation of conversations and agreements pertaining to show

Exhibition Timeline

4 Months before the exhibition (this is the ideal timeline, in some cases the schedule is compressed):

  • Create Call to Artists and the proposal for expenses. Review these with the Board of Directors and request a vote of approval.
  • Collect ideas for potential jurors and contact them for availability.
  • Select the juror from the initial ideas and availability.

3 Months before the exhibition:

  • Set up the exhibit intake with onlinejuriedshows.com.
  • Send out call to artists through Yahoo Groups
  • Request MBPAPA writers to create an article for the show for newsletter and press. Send this info to the press person at MBPAPA to have press release created / public calendars forms completed by the press group (can be 4 weeks out)

2 Months before the exhibition:

  • Entries are due and juror is notified and given password
  • Order ribbons or other awards for show
  • Juror returns results and details are given to the exhibit venue as requested for creating labels.
  • Notify artists of accepted entries.

1 Month before the exhibition:

  • Coordinate with graphic design person for creation of postcard using accepted entries.
  • Coordinate with Information Coordinator to make sure exhibit notices are posted in online calendars
  • Press packets to local papers by press committee minimum 3 weeks ahead

Month of Exhibit: (with help from take-in Assistants)

  • Check off arriving paintings from a provided list. Receive bios and add to provided binder.
  • Provide receipts for members at drop off and confirm far label matches application.
  • Distribute postcards to the artists.
  • Arrange for assistance to hang show if required.
  • Coordinate opening reception including refreshments, and agenda for awards and other acknowledgments.

When Exhibit Closes:

  • Arrange for artists to check out work

Exhibits Chairperson Assistant (Open)

  • Assists and works with the Exhibits Coordinator with organizing and developing on-going exhibits for MBPAPA as per the committee responsibilities listed herein.

Public Relations Chairperson (Open Position)

  • Coordinates with Exhibits Coordinator.
  • Writes and distributes press releases to local media.
  • Oversees development of new media sources as needed.
  • Oversees research and makes advertising recommendations.

Public Relations Assistant (Open)

  • Assists and works with the Information Coordinator organizing and developing on-going information needs for MBPAPA as per the committee responsibilities listed herein.

Media Assistant (Non-board position)

  • Contact and discuss MBPAPA events and promotional information with media representatives at their place of business at the request of the Information Coordinator

Take-in Assistants (Non-board position)

  • Check off arriving paintings from a provided list
  • Receive bios and add them to a provided binder
  • Confirm rear label matches application (Artist, Title)
  • Distribute provided postcards to the artists

Biography Assistants (Non-board position)

  • Receive and print emailed bios.
  • Arrange to have a bio binder at take-ins.
  • Prepare or arrange for preparation of the title page

Signature Artist Evaluation Coordinator - Non-board position (Carole Bellevue)

  • Select a venue.
  • Set a date in November, post to web and announce via email.
  • Recruit Signature members to evaluate.
  • Notify associate members in September.
  • Verify 10+ hours of volunteer service from appropriate Chairperson.
  • Facilitate efficient intake and outgo of artworks.

Education Chairperson (Daryl Hosick)

  • Organizes critiques for members after a paint-out - to be announced on website.
  • Recruit, evaluate and organize educational experiences for members pertaining to increasing artistic and/or professional skills and announce on website.

Volunteer Chairperson

  • Determine volunteer needs with input from Board Members.
  • Sort and organize volunteer offerings from Applications.
  • Create and maintain a "Volunteer Job's Board" on website.
  • Connect volunteer with appropriate Chairperson.

Annual Meeting Coordinator - Non-board position (Jean Weissenborn)

  • Research and select a venue
  • Set a date in January
  • Facilitate: Food & service, Membership intake, General meeting requirements, Presentation facilities & equipment, Notify members & handle RSVPs

Supplies Coordinator - Non-board position (Jean Weissenborn)

  • Storage of MBPAPA brochures, MBPAPA aprons, portable display screens and other equipment for member use.