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From Field to Fork:
A Members Exhibition

From Field to Fork showcases MBPAPA members' plein air and plein-air-inspired paintings of local agricultural activities.

Natividad Medical Foundation, along with Comerica Bank, are sponsors of this invitational exhibition PLEIN AIR ART: FROM FIELD TO FORK for MBPAPA member artists that wished to participate.

The Agricultural Leadership Council (TALC), a philanthropic organization, cooperated in this effort by allowing our artist members to create paintings of their private ranch and farm lands, as well as their agricultural processing plants.
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The best of the artists’ paintings will be on display at
Second Floor, Natividad Medical Center, Salinas, CA

Read a press writeup on MBPAPA artists at work: Monterey Herald 2012-09-27

Exhibit Timeline

Exhibition: March 1, 2013 through January 2014
Daily 10am-5pm
Reception: Thursday, February 28, 2013


Gerard Martin, a Salinas painter and art teacher, will jury the exhibit. Martin graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a BFA in Illustration. A member of the Carmel Art Association since 2003, Martin was granted the Art and Antiques Magazine Emerging Artist Award in 2006.

Exhibiting Artists and Artwork

For inquiries regarding the artwork,
please call the Natividad Medical Foundation

Skip Andreae

Big Job, Welcome Break
Oil 16x20 $1800

Janet A. Barker

De Tierra Estate
Acrylic 8x10 $350

Lettuce Fields
Acrylic 24x30 $700

Summer Vines & De Tierra Tasting Room
Oil 5x7 $200

Carole Belliveau

Cabbage Fields at Monterey Wine Company
Oil 9x12 $395

The Farm
Oil 12x9 $395

Maria Boisvert

Brammer Family Ranch
Oil 18x24 $1650

Early Morning Harvest
Oil 24x30 $1850
First Place

Lettuce Picker
Oil 14x11 $875

Lisa Couper

Artisan Lettuce Tanimur and Antle
Oil 24x18 $800

Driscoll Strawberry Field Watsonville
Pastel 16x20 $450

Ocean Mist Farms Artichoke Sea
Acrylic 24x30 $1100

Christine Crozier

Baby Greens and Barn
Oil 24x30 $2300

Fields of Green
Oil 24x30 $2300

Winter Fields
Oil 18x24 $2000

Mary Jo Dunn-Ruiz

Artichoke Harvest
Oil 12x24 $425

In the Field
Oil 8x10 $285

The Harvesters
Oil 18x24 $500

Suzanne Elliott

Prickly Pear
Oil 11x14 $525

San Ardo Spring Mix Field
Oil 11xz14 $525

Barbara Gill

Organic Pumpkins
Watercolor 12x16 $500

Brussels Stalks
Watercolor 11x14 $500

Hustle the Brussels
Watercolor 11x14 $500

Yolanda Gurries

Artisans Bounty
Oil 12x16 $800

Fruit of the Vine
Oil 11x14 $600

King City Vineyard
Oil 12x16 $800

RC Farms
Oil 12x16 $800

Michele Hausman

Bubbling Broccoli
Oil 12x16 $750

Strawberry Harvest
Oil 12x16 $750

Vivian Healy

Artisan Lettuce
Oil 12x16 $750

Harvesting Iceberg Lettuce
Oil 8x10 $350

Driscoll Strawberry Fields
Oil 12x16 $800

Maggie Renner Hellmann

Strawberry Fields Forever

Oil 12x16 $850

Working Coastal Farm
Oil 12x12 $650

Patricia Huber

Mission Accomplished

Oil 24x18 $1495

Sprout Harvest, Moss Landing
Oil 18x24 $1495

Turning the Earth
Oil 12x9 $695
Third Place

Sibyl Johnson

A Vineyard Above

Oil 11x14 $695

De Tierra Vineyard
Oil 16x20 $800

Sunflower and Celery Fields
Oil 11x14 $495

Cooling Yard
Oil 16x20 $650

Spring Mix
Oil 11x14 $485

Don Lonsbrough

In Spreckles Fields
Oil 8x10 $300

Spreckles Lettuce
Oil 8x10 $300

Steve Maher

Andy Boy Cactus - Gonzales
Oil 11x14 $475

Morning Harvest
Oil 11x14 $475

The Cooling Yard
Acrylic 11x14 $475

Artichoke Harvest
Oil 11x14 $475

Marie Massey

Strawberry Time
Oil 18x24 $900

Sun Ripened Sweetness
Oil 24x18 $900

Radicchio Fields
Oil 16x20 $700

Francis Minglana

Beauty of Radicchio
Oil 16x20 $575
People's Choice Award

Radicchio After the Harvest
Oil 16x20 $575

Radicchio Field
Oil 11x14 $400

Michelle Murphy-Ferguson

Brammer Homestead
Oil 11x14 $500
Second Place

Waiting to Unload
Oil 11x14 $500

Rhett Regina Owings

Harvesting Radicchio
Oil 12x16 $1600

Radicchio Field Just Harvested
Oil 9x12 $650

Spring Mix Lettuce Fields
Pastel 19x37 $2200
Comerica Award

Salinas Valley Lettuce Farm
Oil 9x12 $450

Lilli-Anne Price

Brammer Ranch
Oil 24x36 $2000

Red Dirt
Oil 11x14 $700

Broccoli Abstract
Oil 11x14 $600

Colorful Cactus
Oil 24x30 $1800

Oil 11x14 $600

Julia Munger Seelos

Soledad Sunflower
Oil 20x20 $950

The Farm Windmill
Oil 9x12 $650

Celery Field Greens
Oil 8x10 $250

Miles of Lettuce
Oil 9x12 $550

Maureen Serafini

The Farm
Oil 9x12 $275

50 Shades of Green
Oil 11x14 $295

Oh the Memories
Oil 9x12 $275

Rick Steres

Disking the Field
Oil 11x14 $425

Jean Thomas

Oil 11x14 $375

Celery Harvest
Oil 11x14 $375

Manos a la obra
Oil 10x10 $250

Bonnie Tucker

Pumpkin Patch
pastel 12x18 $1000

Artisan Lettuce New Star
Pastel 9x12 $800

Murray Wagnon

Spring Mix, A Farm in San Ardo
Oil 12x18 $750

Las Canastas Rojas
Oil 18x24 $1500

Salinas River Artichokes
Oil 8x32 $800

Rowan Wolnick

Looking Over Lettuce
watercolor 11cx15 $400

pastel 16x20 $400

The Harvesters
watercolor 11x15 $400