Presenting the MBPAPA 2020 Natividad Show Juried Results:
Juried by Paul Kratter

First Place Winner

Monterey Wharf by Elisabeth Ingebretsen

Paul writes: The hardest thing to do as a painter is a simple uncomplicated design. This is so graphic, the empty sky at the top pulls this off. My favorite part: the diagonal shadow on the building.

Second Place Winner

Windswept Hills by Robyn Leimer

Paul writes: Beautiful design of the tree shapes is done so well. The atmosphere is the kicker, Sam Hyde Harris would be proud. The warm/cool foreground to background is obvious of works with such strength.

Third Place Winner

Abundant Autumn by Julia Munger Seelos

Paul writes: All entries from this artist could be winners, but this is my favorite, because it is slightly different. Just two beautiful portraits of trees.

Honorable Mention

Spring is Just Around the Corner by Sibyl Johnson

Paul writes: Such a moment in time with the ram looking directly at us. Who goes there: I love the purple /green theme.

Honorable Mention

Morning Shadows, Carmel Beach by Maria Boisvert

Paul writes: Beautiful design. Although all three are from the same area and same theme, they are well done. This one is a little stronger in the color.

Honorable Mention

Mission Ranch Morning by Susan Cate Lynn

Paul writes: Beautiful misty fog. The splash of light is the kicker and Sam Hyde Harris would be proud. Great understated cows.

Honorable Mention

Searching for Sea Glass by Joe Ragey

Paul writes: Beautiful cools and just enough warms to set up nice complimentary colors. Simple and yet elegant.

Honorable Mention

Past Coal Shute Point by Kate Martin

Paul writes: Great texture of design. I like the subtle V in the middle, something artists rarely pull off unless they know what they are doing.

Honorable Mention

Foggy Day in Pacific Grove by Caroline Mitchel

Paul writes: A wonderful piece with the blooming ice plant and trail leading into the painting.