Presenting the MBPAPA 2020 Pandemic Plein Air in Place

Online Exhibit For Members Only

Entry Number #01

"Country Orchard"
Betsy Oakes

"I live in the country and I painted this at my neighbors farm while doing good social distance. I am a retired doctor, and I have been on standby to work at my hospital. These have been unprecedented times, and painting has given me a much needed break from the news, and a great excuses to get outside."

Entry Number #02

"Spring Mustard"
Mary Lou Correia

"Friday's painting early in March. Driving along the Frontage road from Lake Herman to Suisun, I found mounds of mustard blooming among the marshes with shorebirds cruising low patterns in delightful clear Skys."

Entry Number #03

Chris Crozier

"Recently I heard a lot of teenaged shouting from my neighbor's three girls, cabin fever I'm sure. So I asked if I could borrow one of them to model for me in the garden. The middle girl sat for me on a beautiful sunny day. I'm not sure how much fun it was for her but it got her out of the house and free of her sisters for a couple of hours!"

Entry Number #04

"Front Porch Hibiscus Blossom"
Ted Heublein


Entry Number #05

Karlene Ryan

"My husband, who is a flower whisperer, planted 150 pots of geraniums and begonias. It's a blessing to see such beauty surrounding us as we are sheltered in place."

Entry Number #06

"Sunflowers in a Purple Vase"
Kathy Ohannesian


Entry Number #07

"Mission Ranch"
Maria Boisvert


Entry Number #08

"Tribute to the Blues"
Sandra Uecker


Entry Number #09

"My Front Yard"
Barbara West


Entry Number #10

"Tangerines & Tarnish"
Susanne Cate Lynn


Entry Number #11

"Garden Flowers"
Steve Wise


Entry Number #12

Cindy Wilbur


Entry Number #13

"Summer Promises"
Marie Massey


Entry Number #14

"Pacific Grove Spring"
Coraly Hanson


Entry Number #15

"Mattillja Poppies"
Kati D'Amore

"These are currently blooming in my garden - they float like butterflies in the wind."

Entry Number #16

"Calla Lillies"
Yolanda Gurries

"Last week as the wind calmed and the sun brightened, I took the opportunity to set up my easel in the flower garden outside my studio. The Calla Lilies caught my attention. Despite the struggles I encountered, the whole painting experience was most satisfying."

Entry Number #17

"Naked Ladies & Fried Eggs"
Usana Weaver


Entry Number #18

"Outside My Studio Window"
Rhett Regina Owings

"This is a view of my patio garden from my studio sliding glass door. My roses were blooming like crazy and I figured I had better get cracking on a painting while I can. So I set up my easel just inside my studio door and painted away!"

Entry Number #19

"Apple Blossoms in Korean Vase"
Bobbie Brainerd

"With Shelter in Place, I've been unpacking items that have been in storage since I moved to Monterey in 2011 and am re-discovering the pieces I love and have emotional attachments to that especially warm my heart at this time. I had planned on painting Calla Lillies in a Lenox vase, but when I left the went out, enjoying the hope-inspiring sunshine and finally warmer weather, the blooming apple blossoms just sang and called out to me. I knew the perfect vase to paint them in! The composition and color scheme of Korean vase, blossoms, grapes and lacey doiley remind me of my grounding giving peace."

Entry Number #20

"Gone Fishing - With Orchid"
Joe Ragey

"A Terracotta Chinese Fisherman, an old seascape oil study and an orchid in bloom. There's always something to paint!"

Entry Number #21

"Courtyard Fountain"
Caroline Mitchel

"This little fountain in my garden is a favorite place for birds to have a drink and a bath, the hummers also enjoy it."

Entry Number #22

"Isolated View of Garrapata Beach"
Maggie Renner Hellmann

"This is my recent isolation plein air oil painted above Garrapata Beach in March. I picked out a very small pullout and hid behind my car to deter any possible viewers. Luckily, no one came and I got to enjoy this view right down into my bones!"

Entry Number #23

"Fort Ord Nat Monument"
Al Shamble


Entry Number #24

"Purple Iris"
Sibyl Johnson


Entry Number #25

"Hillside Wildflowers"
Michele Hausman

"I have been exploring the use of spatter with oil paint to reflect the random patterning of wildflowers that grace the California hills in the spring. I am working on a video to demonstrate some of the tools and techniques I used in this painting: "Hillside Wildflowers". Around my Soquel Studio, the forget-me-nots under the oaks and the wild calendula with daffodils interspersed, really inspired this painting."

Entry Number #26

"Mendocino Headlands"
Douglas Woodman

"I started this 9 x 12 painting en plein air at the 2019 Mendocino Paintout and finished it in the studio last week. It brought back fond memories of a week painting in a beautiful place with great people. Just happened to have a photo of this man and his dog who walked by while I was painting."

Entry Number #27

"Roses in Green Vase"
Maureen Serafini

"The weather has been so beautiful and our home is surrounded by beautiful roses, in all colors. I thought I'd share a few with you."

Entry Number #28

"Blue Iris"
Leslie Toms

"During the shelter-in-place I started painting flowers from the garden. This is our third spring living in this house and this year the iris finally bloomed en masse. I picked this bud and painted it as it just started to unfurl."

Entry Number #29

"Calla Lillies"
Cyndy Davis

Entry Number #30

"The Bianchi Ranch"
Mary Allen

"It was photographed as the poppies were in full bloom."

(left): "This is my first year to live full time in Monterey and the wild calla lillies have intrigued me. A cluster even sprouted in my back yard. As I painted them, I couldn't help but realize that my mind seldom stopped thinking of what is going on in the world, so I moved over to the mirror I have hanging on my fence and included myself a couple of times with mask as part of the scene. The expressive colors I chose, hopefully gives the feeling of an ominous presence that we all globally live under."

Entry Number #31

"Cypress Grove in Point Lobos"
Bunny Paivine

"I started this painting in November at Point Lobos. I have started to paint larger pieces, so I was unable to finish it, besides it was so cold as the fog came in. Glad I took the time in our quarantine vacation to finish it."

Entry Number #32

"Good Morning, Lupin"
Jean Weissenborn

"A lovely scene on my solo morning walk."

Entry Number #33

Bobbie Belvel


Entry Number #34

"Patio Succulents"
Julia Seelos


Entry Number #35

"Purple Bearded Iris"
Paola Berthoin


Entry Number #36

"The Alleyway"
Murray Wagnon


Entry Number #37

Val Giancola

"I have been spending every day in my studio working on an online tutorial on Portrait painting with Sentient Academy."

Entry Number #38

"After the Rain"
Vanessa Martin


Entry Number #39

"Giant Bird of Paradise"
Willa Strupat


Entry Number #40

"Local Vineyards"
Sheryl Knight


Entry Number #41

"Encina Poppies"
Barbara Gill Salerno

"I met up with 2 friends along a native garden walkway near my home. I wore a mask and set up my easel off the path to avoid the walkers who all waved."

Entry Number #42

Robin Leimer

"I have been preoccupied with a new puppy and obsessed with what is going on in the news lately so I haven't really been working in the studio other than fixing some paintings. However I did pull out my pastels a week or so ago and did a couple of studies from dining room window. I haven't worked much with pastels in a long time so it was pretty fun."

Entry Number #43

"Quarantining with Friends"
Vivian Healy

"Still dancing in the wind."

Entry Number #44

Michael Armstrong


Entry Number #45

Guna Hebbar


Entry Number #46

"Final Conversations"
Elizabeth Ingebretson

"Connecting with friends and family over a cup of coffee is not possible at this time. As I painted this somber scene, I thought of all of the people who have recently shared final words with loved ones. Did they know that would be the last time they would speak? I am fortunate I do not know anyone who has lost their life to this horrific virus. I am hopeful everyone I know stays healthy. I grieve for those others have lost."

Entry Number #47



Entry Number #48