Upcoming MBPAPA 2019 Events: Shows and Demos

MBPAPA Newsletter April 2019:
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April 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MBPAPA Board Meeting Minutes 4/2019

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MBPAPA 2019 Completed Events:

Closed: "The Beauty Around Us"
2019 MBPAPA General Membership Show - Prospectus

Pacific Grove Art Center - Gil Gallery: 568 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA

Closed: Natividad Show - "Nature's Inspiration"
January 2019: PDF download

Closed: MBPAPA Signature Members Show
January 2019: PDF download

MBPAPA Call For Entry 2019 Signature Sunset Gallery

Painting Demos by MBPAPA Artists

Catherine Fasciato will be doing our first painting demo of the year on March 24, 2019. Location: Point Lobos. Subject: Ocean waves.

email: fasciato@astound.net

Barbara Gill Demo

Painting Demo by Mark Monsarrat: Oct. 27

(Click on the photo to go to PG Parks and Recreation Site.)

Painting Demo by Carole Belliveau: September 8, 1pm

(Click on the photo to go to website.)

Painting Demo by Maria Boisevert

(Click on the photo to go to CA Parks and Recreation Site.)

MBPAPA Exhibits

2018 MBPAPA "California Dreaming" - July 6 - Aug 31, 2018

View the 2018 "California Dreaming" winners

2018 MBPAPA "Local Inspiration" - July 1 - Sept 23, 2018

View the 2018 "Local Inspiration" winners

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