2016 Coming Events

All MBPAPA Members Show - PGAC - July 1 to August 25

Pacific Grove Art Center - July 15 to October 7, 2016

Signature MBPAPA Members Show -
PG Museum of Natural History - July 15 to October 7

Paintings clockwise from top left: Sibyl Johnson, Mitsi Stine, Michele Hausman, Kate Martin, Julia Seelos & Carole Belliveau

Los Gatos plein air event: June 13 - June 18

Recently Closed Events

23rd Carmel Art Festival: May 13-15

MBPAPA Natividad Foundation - A Healing Feast for the Soul

To see the winners of the MBPAPA Natividad show, click here.

The Annual MBPAPA General Membership Luncheon and Meeting

Annual Meeting Minutes 2016

MBPAPA Signature Members Show 2015 was a great success!

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